PP Material's outline remains on object after Clear Timer by Function Name is activated

I am working on archviz project. I did a blueprint where I enter in object’s outline mode by pressing F button. So when F button is pressed I can outline objects when my cursor is on selected ones. When I press F again outline mode should be closed and no objects should be outlined.
Almost everything works fine except two things:

When I press F button to switch outline mode off, cursor hovered object remains outlined. When my cursor was not on interactive object it is works fine. I think the reason is the trace function needs to be updated before, but I don’t know how to do it.

I used post process material workflow to get this effect.

And the second question, how can I get object interactive when I hover cursor on it. I mean when I go in outline mode, how can I interact only with object which is hovered with cursor (change color, etc.)?