powerup blueprint and delay

following along the lines of the pickup video tutorial i thought i’d have a go at making it into a timed powerup. i think i’ve done it wrong, and possibly the long way but can’t understand why it doesnt work, the powerup works and alters movement speed but then the delay doesn’t reset it.

any help appreciated.

Thanks, B.


It looks as though you’ve deleted the actor that would be executing this blueprint before the delay fires. Try executing Destroy Actor with the target of Self after you set the max walk speed back to the default.

What exactly dosnt work? Overlap Working?

i feel like such an idiot…thanks for pointing it out. can i destroy the actor whilst keeping the delay? actor gets picked up which increases walk speed, actor gets destroyed but the delay still ticks… ??? maybe spline off before the actor is destroyed to create the delay even though the actor is no longer there??

the delay to revert back to 800 wasnt working. everything else is fine. :slight_smile:

you can turn off colision and hide actor from game.

also you can make this logic into character BP

custom event “Sonic Speed Picked Up” :smiley: , which would trigger this exact logic and after calling it from your speedup object, you can safely destroy it.

aah yes. thanks :slight_smile:

as i learn more, i’ll look into this, thanks again :slight_smile: