Powered ragdoll

I don’t suppose anyone knows this do they?

There’s a feature in Havok called a “powered ragdoll”, what it does, is allow blending between a fully physics simulated ragdoll and an animation pose, such that the ragdoll kind of moves in line with the animation to some extent.

Now I’m sure I’ve seen this feature, or something similar in the content examples. So my question(s) is:

  1. Where in the code does the blending take place?
  2. Do we have access to the joint motors/constraints like they allowed in Havok?

The reason I ask, is that I’d like to experiment with a balance controller at some point (think euphoria by natural motion) and I think it’d be a good place to start if I could scope out that area of functionality beforehand.

This of course all being a precursor to doing some work on procedural animation.

Anyone know?


They discuss this at pretty good length in the following Twitch stream, although I do not know if they explain to your satisfaction how to implement it or where the code resides:

Could we have an updated link to this Twitch stream? Or even some more info to help with search terms would be handy.

Seconding Polyx’s question.