Power up cooldown effect

I’m looking for an answer to this - I need to have it so when the player actor goes near the table in my scene they can press ‘A’ on the gamepad and start a short timer to the the power up effect. Then a 30 second timer before that action can be repeated again.

I have the basic going near the table setup so it allows input, but I need to get the pressing the button, delay to power up effect, the effect itself and then cooldown after sorted.

Any ideas?

Ta very much (cheers)


Here ya go!

Basically whats happening is when you press a button, The Spacebar in this example. It checks to see if a Bool variable called Boost Ready is true or false. If true it adds the power up. After the power up is added it sets the value of the Bool to false. This way it can’t be triggered again. Then a delay is set. After the delay the Bool is then changed back to true, now the power up can be triggered again. Hope this helps.

Awesome thanks so much, just one (possibly stupid) question - Where are you setting the bool variable?

You set the first and only the first Bool node to have a value of true! Click on the first Bool node and on the left side of the screen is a properties window. Put a check in the value box.

got it working!! Thanks mate! woop! first of 4 power ups to do :smiley: but rest should be easy now!

I’m currently creating a tutorial series for a Space Shooter Kit i put together. You can find a Power Up tutorial over here!