Power off a light and a sound?

Hi all…
As title can someone tell me how i can power off a light(in the map) and a sound with the blueprints?

Before posting on the forums, you should really try and google your question. Just google “UE4 light off” or “UE4 light switch” and you will get a dozen or so tutorials. Also the Learn tab at the top of the website is a great source for tutorials as well.

I ve created the blueprint for the light but there is a way that allow me to collegate two blueprint or to deactive the sound in the in the light blueprint? And can i make start those events in the level blueprints?

nothing to do?

so how i can?

If I’m reading you rightly, you have a light/lamp blueprint that you’ve placed in a level, and you want the level to turn the light off? One way to do it is to first set up an event in the light BP that does all the things you want it to do when it shuts off – the light goes dark, the sound is cut short, etc.

Then pull the light BP into the level BP and use a “Cast To” node to tell the light to fire that particular event. If the light is in the level, you just need to select it, and once you’re in the level BP you can Right Click and paste it in.

with the light i solve…now the sound have to shut off witht he light