Power of 2 Grid Scale

Hey guys trying to get a understanding of what others are doing as far as workflows. So I recently found that you can set UE4 to power of 2. I’ve been stuck on it for so long it seems so odd to work on a different grid in a level editor. I’m reading that now we have accurate real world measurements so is there just no purpose to use power of 2 grid settings.

In terms of ortho views I see there is the static grid image now. Can this be changed? I see you can just hide it, it seems to just get in the way of laying out a level since it doesnt actually relate to the scale of the grid. Would you just snap geo to the red dots grid.

I would also like to know the work flow regarding power of 2 geo etc. Maya theres no need for power of 2, hope not.

While you CAN use the power of two grid, UE4 is based on a standard of a decimal grid. It’s best to stick with 1uu == 1cm as a rule when creating content for UE4. Set your modeling app to use centimeters and everything should import smoothly…

Heya ajr,

The behavior I’m seeing for the grid, is if you change the grid snaps, the red dots change their positions to match. So a Snap of 50, spaces them by 50 units. If your Actor is already offset from the grid, the snap system will maintain that offset. So if you switched to the power of 2 system after using the default one, a good number of your actors would be off the new grid.

The only real power of 2 requirement is with textures, as non-power of 2 textures lose out on mips and streaming (and don’t even work on a number of mobile devices).

Also, on the grid itself, it is just a material which you can find in the Engine Folder. To access the Engine folder you have to un-hide it in the Content Browser:


The look for the “LevelGridMaterial” and you can make adjustments to colors and the like to it directly.

Thanks for the info. As I block in some test maps I’m becoming more adjusted to the thinking in real world scale. The background grid actually helps out a little since its grid spacing is at 100cm or 3ft. I guess I never really thought of say how many real world units a 256 or 512 wall or corridor was.