Power node - Blueprints Causes errors?

I am trying to setup easing.

The above graph results in:

Which is only when I am using the logic that includes the power node.

Removing the power node and plugging in the *0.5 work as expected and is fine.

Are You aware that fraction base in fraction exponent give You increase in value?
i.e.: 0.5^0.9 = 0.53588673126

Hello JesterSheepy,

I am unclear as to what issue you are having. I have a couple quick questions that will help me narrow down your issue:

  1. Can you please explain your desired results and how your current results are not matching up to that result?
  2. Can you reproduce this with a new Project?
  3. If so could you provide a detailed list of steps so I can reproduce the issue on my end?