Power Junction replacement

I am working on new skins and wires. Everything works great as for the cables but the junction box does not power items. If I replace it with the stock one everything works, so its just my box. The box is a dup of the stock one with just a different texture. From what I found items are looking for the “ElectricalJunction” to connect to. Without otherwise changing core items (Don’t want to do that) is there a way to get my Electrical Junction to work? Thanks

I do not believe so, as you found out they’re looking for the asset explicitly referenced.

You could try making yours a child of the vanilla one, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Look for the “Is Power Junction” checkbox. - This was SUPPOSED to be the item it’s searching for, but somewhere along the lines a developer in the C++ code referenced the EXACT named asset and not that asset’s ability.

So for now, we can only use the stock junction and cables until that part of the code is rewritten. (Well, I suppose you could change the cabling.)

i dont see why a child wouldnt work. it works with inventory BPs on new objects… it SHOULD work on that too.

It’s not the way they find what powers them. I can make the foundation a power source for something.

It’s the Object Needing Power that Chooses the object (specifically that object) as it’s power source. It’s not a class. Think - Arrows and Bow. The Bow must choose a specific ARROW as it’s projectile. Same with the Powering.

yea but if you child the junctionbox and then put your own mesh on it it should still recognize the parent. i do this with a few things in my mods.

Ok, we’re concentrating on the wrong object.

The item that NEEDS power decides WHO is it’s power source by picking it exactly.

See that little section: Powered Nearby Structure Template - It needs the EXACT item. There’s currently no “Parent Class” for power junctions.

This is why I could make the storage box a “power structure” for a new item, but then it won’t be powered by anything BUT storage boxes.