Power IK - Don't move the body up and down / only bend knees?

I’m using the Power IK plugin for proper foot placement following this tutorial video. However, I do notice that the entire character model moves up and down to accomplish this (this is especially noticeable if you make the collision capsule visible).
Is it possible to have the pelvis and everything above it not move at all and instead only move/bend the legs?
I’m planning on having the collision capsule end beneath the crotch and use Power IK to bend the legs where necessary, but the torso keeps moving outside the collision capsule instead.

No it isn’t.

All IK requires the mesh to shift down to the lowest possible foot placement

Try drawing out outcomes if you aren’t sure why.

What outcomes? My intention was that if the foot cannot reach the ground, then the leg is returned to the base pose. Only if the foot intersects with the ground would the IK kick in.

What is the point of wasting computational power on IK when the purpose of placing feet on the floor is no longer being achieved?

You may as well re-invent it to only go up - and you won’t need much of anything aside a line trace and an offset value to shift up.

Obviously, this wont’ work right, or we (people who do, not related to the plugin in question) wouldn’t waste time making IK plugins.

Because Control Rig is now a thing - I suggest you try what you want to make out with control rig directly. Should be pretty simple since it also allows you to get trace and distances right from within the node graph.

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Ok, thanks. I’ll give Control Rig a try.

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