Power IK Alternative

currently, I use Power IK Power IK in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace for my foot placement.
All Animations are done outside unreal.

Since PowerIK will not work with UE5 (according to my research) is there an alternative for the “Power IK Ground” node within the Animation Blueprint?

From the Power IK Documentation, the Power IK Ground node does this:

For each Foot:
    Calculate foot location in world space
    Cast a ray from this location
    If ray hits collider:
        Smoothly move the effector towards hit point
Run solver using new effector locations

You can probably do this with the Full Body IK node, but you’ll need to handle smoothly moving the current effector to the new effector position based on the raycast.

So you’d have basically a function in your AnimBP for instance that does the raycasts based on your current foot positions, then lerps from the current foot/effector positions to the hit position.

Then you just need to feed those raycast hits as the effector transforms for Full Body IK node.

Hey, I know that this post is old but I had to update the power IK code in order for it to work with Unreal Engine 5.2.

It was a request from my job, but I decided to leave it public.

Here you go :wink: GitHub - tornellihenrique/PowerIK-UE5.2: Fix UE4 PowerIK Plugins compile issue on unreal engine 5.2


Thanx so much for this. Do you know why I can’t add bone names to Constraints ( Bend Directions ) in ground IK ?

but for unreal 5.3? are there something=?

Hi, will this work in UE 5.3 and 5.4?