Power Box (thingy)

I never thought about creating a thread or posting any of my work be that 3D Modeling, Textures or Programming to the Unreal community, but as of recently I’ve had friends and ex tutors tell me that I should really get out there and start showing people what I’ve created, but as I’m not one for negative, positive reinforcement I shrugged their opinion off and got on with life, until now… So I might as well start with this random box like thing that for reasons I’m just going to call a “Power Box” because I’m not even sure what it is.

Work Time: 43 Hours, Twenty Minutes
Texture Time: 2 Hours, Thirty Minutes (Still not happy with it)
Triangles: 73,024
Vertices: 39,944

Substance Designer,
Substance Painter,
Unreal Engine (clearly)

Note: I’m yet to get around to optimization and general clean up of the model, I’m honestly not that bothered about either count due to it not being used in anything or ever used in anything (as it stands anyway).

Images (Renders)

Substance Painter:

(Unreal Engine | The copper is more of a silver because of a Vector Parameter that needs adjusting still)

Don’t worry about the time worked when just starting out. The triangle count is insane for this mesh, it should be about 1000 tris at most for something this simple. When starting out try to model things that exist and work off reference photos or find concepts that have great and detailed reference for it. Don’t just throw shapes together and call it good, when you are starting out modeling you want to do things that are challenging to model so you learn. A plane box with some 90 degree cut ins isn’t going to teach you much.

The model shown was purely for texturing, as for a lower count mesh that’s already been done and so have allot of the extra components that I haven’t shown… Such as buttons, panels and switches. The base model is near to what you said around 1,000 specifically 2,320 and the project is something I threw together on a whim rather than using reference images or research into specific designs, case (body) types and so on.

Just something for reference, created using zBrush in half the time and around 3,500 compared to the 79,000 with the stock being the “densest” part of the model (for obvious reasons): - Although your feed back is welcomed and appreciated.