Pow - Allar's Sandbox Project with structure?

After doing all kinds of fun and innane things over the past while in my Sandbox Project, I’m messing around with research into more efficient ways to handle frameworks and pipelines.

I’ve been streaming my development over at http://www.twitch.tv/awesomeallar which has been kind of fun. You can download the client at http://www.michaelallar.com/pow.

Not too much in terms of gameplay, but some cool backend stuff such as analytics is already functional. I’m terrible with art so all my art is from the marketplace with some minor tweaks. If you want to make some dope contributions or sell some good stuff cheap to me, would be dope, yo.

So yeah. Videos on first post are the first four in reverse chronological order.

Now with in-game player feedback reporting to JIRA

It lives!
Also, cool.
Feedback reporting to JIRA is a nice touch :slight_smile:

^Awwww yeah.

And now with shotguns and mini-guns.

How about posting a screenshot with the JIRA report? Why is so laggy with multiplayer movements? I thought UE would take care of everything.

Screenshot support is planned but as I don’t have any meaningful visual content or levels, I don’t need it yet.

Multiplayer visual lag is very subject to ping atm

Now with Akimbo support.