Pound or Hashtag?

So guys… Everyone I know keeps calling this “#” a Hashtag. Isn’t a pound? Also if I am right. Why is it being called a Hashtag! Are they to lazy to remember pound?

actually both are wrong and right, they’re wrong in that the # is just the “hash” symbol, they’re right in that it’s a hashtag in social networking and its was the pound sign on telephones…ect , it has other uses/names as well.

google them for more info:)

also link, enjoy;)

Thanks for the info. I’m going to be a pain in the **** and call it a pound! :slight_smile:

fair enough:D

I just grew up with it being called a pound. But thanks again for the info. #Pound :wink:

Well, programmers calls it sharp.“C#” :wink:

In the UK “£” is what we would call a pound. :slight_smile:

I call it a hash, but my friend who is a pianist calls it ‘sharp’ although the ‘sharp’ symbol is different.
♯ - sharp

- hash


I’m surprised no one said ‘number sign’ yet or ‘naughts’ hehe

Hmm… I like the sound of that!