Potion bottles and liquids!

After viewing some images from the game Gigantic I saw one character which used giant vials or potion bottles that contained liquids that move around when the player moves, so my question is, where do I even start to try to mimic that?


Uncle Sven

And his animations for his potion bottles can be viewed from Browse Free-to-Play Video Games | Arc Games

Or potion bottles like these from Pepper & Carrot


So just want to try to figure out how they could have done this and reproduce the look, thanks in advance!

Well, I know of a way, but it wouldn’t be able to splash, just be flat in the vile. Just grab a half-sphere, set it’s world rotation to always face upwards, and place it inside of the vile.

So essentially a mesh inside a mesh that would have a different texture, thank you.

Another idea (yes, it is just an idea) is to place several spheres inside of the file, that would act as liquid, blur the spheres to blend them together, and add a color threshold, though I’m not sure how you’d go about doing that.

Got somewhere of a start, I took your advice and made two different meshes, one 3/4 of a sphere flipped the faces and skinned the top verts to a bone that jiggled, will keep trying to perfect it, any suggestions let me know, thank you!



Glad to see you got something working, looks good.

So keep tweaking trying to push it further, let me know what you think.

First method (smaller potion vials that move more) :

Two bones, top bone controls the entire bottle as well as the liquid inside, bottom bone controls the top most verts of liquid to move with it.

Second method (bigger potion vial less movement but stays inside mesh) :

Two bones, top which controls the entire mesh, liquid and all as the bottom bone controls only the liquid and is centered so even if flipped upside down it will remain in the bottle.

Moving on to learning how to put in bubble effects and possible splashes, like always C&C are welcome, thanks!