[Potential Rev Share] C++ programmer for AAA quality prototype of a dark souls style boss fight

Hey, I’m a generalist with industry experience wanting to put into practice pipelines and apply myself to solve interesting emergent problems. I’ve a lot of experience in various fields (3d Modelling, Animation, Tech Art/Tech Animation, Programming). I’m looking for an experienced programmer to lead and guide a team (can be in a very hands off, part time way that simply makes sure everything is in order). We need someone who can validate our coding foundation is solid and can be scaled.

With that said, I’d like to create a dark souls style boss fight up to the quality it could be mistaken for a AAA game when seen out of context. Basically a small scoped 5-10 minute encounter that looks and plays really well. This is not planned as a full game project as of this moment (but may change if things go well, there are about a dozen people interested as of right now, most with a high experience level), it is mainly for seeing if something like this could work considering the moderately appropriate scope.

The idea is to have a game scene closely mimicking dark souls in gameplay (with some mechanics twists to impress an audience), while maintaining a look well above Indie levels, that could potentially go viral and be the basis of a kickstarter. The Boss Monster is already 90% finished, he’s a project I’ve been picking up and dropping off the past year.

Message me on discord at JordanT#3417 for more details.
You can see some of my older work here: ArtStation - Jordan Trepanier
It’s all quite outdated at this point but it is what it is.