Potential help needed on project

I have a potential arch viz project coming up. I live in Scottsdale Arizona. Are there any UE4 users on this forum that live in the Phoenix, AZ area? If so, send me a message. Right now I am only looking locally.


Aaron Smithey

Hi…I posted this in the architectural forum because that is the target of individuals I am looking for. This a specific focus not a generalized focus for the help I need. I am afraid being in this thread my limit my visibility.

I’m not eligible for your position based solely on location, however can you clarify what type of talent you’re looking for?

Hi Devlin,

I am looking for someone with a background in architecture and has been using UE4 for animation while achieving photo-realism. I would like an individual who is also strong at visual scripting. I need someone who can help facilitate custom user functionality through blueprints. My work flow is Blender for modeling. I will do most of the modeling but I would prefer a proficient Blender user as well to help with any modeling that I would need. I am also looking for someone with experience using Sequencer and one who is familiar with compositing workflow.

Thank you