Potential Game shutted down


Not really a problem but a rather suggestion on a recently (about 2 years ago) event that I would like the Unreal Engine team to know about.

So 2 years ago a game called “FreeStyle Football” from the “Joycity” company was taken down because the dev team said they couldn’t keep the servers up and the game would shut down. And it did. (here is a link for their website where there is a link to a steam page which forwards to steam store (game deleted): Freestyle Football)

Apparently they were awfull game developers. They didn’t care about their community and any bug would rather be ignored than fixed.

Right now on steam they have a stupid VR game about Choppers and the “FreeStyle 2”, which is a basketball game with a 24hr peak of around 1k players.

I created an online pledge for them to see their community still cares about the game and try to not get the game shutted.
Here is the link for the pledge: Petition · Don't end FreeStyle Football game · Change.org

With around 13k people, I would like to refer that many people would still have and play this game in comparison on the ones that JoyCity has on steam.

I already sent many emails, and inclusive, the change.org site has a place to put their emails on their website so they can also send their emails.
I didn’t even got any awnser from them.

So I’m here asking my favourite engine on the market (with many great games done, such as: “Sea of Thieves”, “Borderlands”, “Splinter Cell’s”,etc…), if you could make what JoyCity couldn’t: A great game like FreeStyle Football was.
I know your engine would be so smooth on a game like that and also the people would double love it.
I don’t know much of the copyrights issue but I know if you wanted, Epic Games being such a massive company, could easily buy the rights of JoyCity’s FreeStyle Football.
But still, you could make up a whole game like that, or even better one. And you even wouldn’t need to say nothing to JoyCity (since that company looks almost dead to me anyways -.-’).
I could even post an update on my created pledge on change.org, and update all the players for a fantastic upcoming new FreeStyle Football game.
And I think you would had much profit as well (on skins, emotes and whatnot).

Sorry for the long text, I really wanted to play something like that game, and currently there’s none on the market and I had the idea to contact the best engine there is (for me at least).

Thank you.