Potential dodgy email from Epic?

So i just got an email from paypal saying Epic had cancelled my subscription which seems kind of strange - why would they do that?

The email looks legit but to be on the safe side I didn’t click any links but seperately logged into paypal where the recurring payment was still active. I also emailed the guy who was mentioned in the email:

Business: Epic Games International S.a.r.l
Contact Email: grant.wei@epicgames.com
Contact Phone Number: I have deleted this

and got and out of office saying this:

I will be out of the office on business from 8/1/2014 (Friday) to 8/10/2014 (Sunday). I will check email from time to time (I will be on the other side of the world). For any emergencies, please contact Annie Broadwater (annie.broadwater@epicgames.com). She will relay your message to me asap and I will try to contact you.

Do Epic do this sort of thing? It’s the first time I’ve ever used unreal in my life so I am unsure. I haven’t broken any rules have I?

thanks all


Grant Wei is the Director of Operations at Epic, and Annie Broadwater is his Executive Assistant.

I don’t know their email addresses, but @epicgames.com would be the right domain.

I expect this is legit, but someone from Epic should be able to help you, the forums might not be the best place though? I would email either of those addresses or you could hit up @EpicGames on twitter? (Or go to epicgames.com and click on “Contact” or “Support”)

I too have just received this email. I have disregarded it as it was not shown as verified from PayPal. I am however concerned that this has happened right as their accounts page has gone into maintenance. To me, this seems like there has been a breach of private data. I could just be mistaken though. Any word from an Epic employee would be great.

I got one of these as well. I suspect they might have accidentally done something in the course of their site upgrades!

Hi Sedroc,

I’m not sure but will escalate internally to see why you got that message / what it means.

Michael Noland

I PMed Chance (the Epic Community Manager) a link to this thread. I see now that Michael has seen it also so I’m sure Epic is on it and will let you know what’s up.

I got an email aswell

It´s in german but its the same context :o.


I´m a bit scared now could you tell me what the problem is ?



Thanks Michael. Seems like i am not the only one! I’ll sit tight for now.

Hey sedroc. We are currently looking into what is happening right now. As mentioned, we are doing some maintenance on the site, and this is likely a harmless error. I will let you know as soon as we get to the bottom of it!

The online team is looking into this now. There is some scheduled account maintenance going on at the moment, and this may be an unintended issue with the process, but they’re still investigating.

Michael Noland

I will just post this link in here so that people realise the official thread about this topic: Subscribers Using Paypal - Email On 8/4 - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums :slight_smile:

I also got an email saying “Epic Games International S.a.r.l has cancelled a Billing Agreement with you.” I logged into Paypal and checked my subscription agreement and it says “Status Cancelled on Aug 4, 2014”.

I was just charged on the 24th of July, so I still have 20 days on this months subscription.

Hey all - if you are affected by this issue, please see this official thread. Thanks, everyone.

I got the cancellation notice too. It gave me a bit of a panic. Checking here, seeing it’s not intended; so no worries.

I am the one of affected people.
Thanks for the infos.