Potential Divide by Zero - NO idea where it could be?!

I have an issue at the moment where my project won’t compile in DevelopmentEditor mode, because of a potential divide by zero error in FVector.

The problem is, it doesn’t tell me where this potential divide by zero is coming from - so it could be in my entire project. All I can search the project for is / - which is useless when you consider this symbol is used for everything…

This is all I have, and I now have no option but to scour the entire project for this issue - and I have NO idea where in 100+ code files that could be!

I only really use DebugGame Editor because I’m programming all the time - so I can’t remember the last time I did a development build and have no idea where its coming from. Surely there’s a way to output whats causing this?

I’m not sure how we can help you with that. I compile all the time because UE4 is a sneaky thing. I already had my game compiling with 0 error/warning but would crash at launch. So the best piece of advice I can give you is to compile and run your game often.

Try to disable usage/spawning of your classes and comment them all at once so you can find the class responsible for that faster. At least this is how I would handle that if I had no clue where it’s coming from.

So I eventually found the responsible class by reverting through a few revisions of source control (about 25 or so -.-)

I wonder if perhaps it’s a good idea for these kinds of compiler warnings to also be enabled in DebugGame mode, since this could have gone on for longer. I guess for now I’ll keep doing development builds before every submission too, just to check.