PosX, PosY, ConsolePosX, ConsolePosY

Hi there,

this is a request to bring back some CommandLine arguments that used to exist in UDK: PosX (or WindowPosX), PosY (or WindowPosY), ConsolePosX, and ConsolePosY

testing and debugging multiplayer functions is already tedious as it is, but having to move the console and game windows every time I want to do some testing on the same computer (like 99.9% of the time) is getting on my nerves already :slight_smile:

now according to the docs these do exist in UE4, I just can’t get them to work. I’ve tried these:

  • RocketEditor.exe “D:\Projects\Games\Elium\Code\UE4\CustomGame\CustomGame.uproject” -game TestMap?game=EG?Resx=1280?ResY=720?WindowPosX=20?WindowPosY=20 -log
  • RocketEditor.exe “D:\Projects\Games\Elium\Code\UE4\CustomGame\CustomGame.uproject” -game TestMap?game=EG?Resx=1280?ResY=720 -WindowPosX=20 -WindowPosY=20 -log
  • RocketEditor.exe “D:\Projects\Games\Elium\Code\UE4\CustomGame\CustomGame.uproject” -game TestMap?game=EG?Resx=1280?ResY=720 WindowPosX=20 WindowPosY=20 -log

ResX, ResY, -log and the rest of the arguments work. WindowPosX and WindowPosY however, don’t do a thing. Same thing happens with PosX and PosY (why are there even Pos and WindowPos counterparts?), as well as ConsolePosX and ConsolePosY - all of them are just useless.



With the UDK it was possible to keep the log window at the same place (simply by moving it manually and closing the editor), it’s not the case anymore with Rocket unfortunately.

Hey there,

Sorry for the delay. It looks like the command line parameters for the game window are now called ResX, ResY, WinX and WinY.

The log console parameters are now called ConsoleX and ConsoleY. These should be saved to the INI when the game shuts down, and loaded from the INI when the window is first shown next time. However, the loaded values were not actually applied, which I now fixed. I also added the ability to override them on the commandline using ConsoleX= and ConsoleY=. You will have it in the next Rocket release.

We will update our documentation as well.


great, thanks!