Hi all,

I was wondering how do you scale a PostProcessVolume? In udk you could go into Edit mode then select the vertices and make it larger.
Holding CTRl-ALT I believe. If I understand you don’t have a chain anymore. Do you still need to setup other things to make this work?

Many thanks,

You can press shift-5 or click the “geometry editing” mode. Then just grab the vertices and move them around.

You can also check the “Unbound” checkbox in the Post Process Volume properties to make that the default post process, so you don’t have to scale it to contain the whole level.

You can just use the scale gizmo and scale it as any other object or do what TK-Master said if you want it to be your global post process as it was in UDK. Then use other pp volumes(not set to Unbound) if you want to have more in different places for different effects.

Thank you all!! I must have overlooked the Geometry editing mode :frowning: got it working now.