PostProcessVolume lighting doesn't work on my Android

Good day,
I have an issue I set lighting and materials in PostProcessVolume (screenshot 1) and in phone preview it works good, however after shipping on Android PostProcessVolume doesn’t work and all look like screenshot 2. Any help will be appriciated.

Small update I tried nearly evrything that recommended to fix my problem, so result is if I put glowing brightness very high all color will take the scene (however graphic will look like PS1 games), if I put normal value I don’t see even color (it is just white), however if come close veryyyy little glowing color can be seen arround the object. And again as I mentioned before in mobile preview all look perfect, maybe it is the testing phone issue? Also what I noticed bloom post effect after shipping doesnt work at all is there is a way to fix it? (since as I read bloom supposed to work on Android)