PostProcess in CameraManager


I was trying to add some PostProcessing FX directly setting in my Pawn’s CameraComponent with a custom CameraManager set in my PlayerController, but it’s not working since I override the Camera’s values to a final camera in BlueprintUpdateCamera function, as the image below:

If I unmark the Return Value (not overriding the final camera), it will not update the new camera values from the return node for my Final Camera, but the PP’s FX I set before will work!

So, seems that the “Final Camera” made from the CameraManager overrides the PostProcessing effects from the Pawn’s camera component.

Is there a way to get this “Final Camera” or “Resulting Camera” reference for me to change it’s PP’s settings? Because inside the Camera Manager Class I didn’t see such function or even property to override and change the PP’s by myself.

Still couldn’t solve this problem. Anyone has any idea how can I apply basic post process effect in my Camera Manager’s Final Camera?

Hi Gbr, i’m having the same issue with you right now and I wonder if you’ve fixed that problem?

here’s what you need

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