Posting is working again on the legacy (UDK) forums :)

Thankfully Epic just addressed the issue with forum members not being able to post :tada:

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@Amanda.Schade The same issue has returned, and am again not able to post any new threads on the UDK forum.

Please could you assist? Thanks.

It seems like half the time when I want to post something here, I can’t. But then everyone with a UE4 question seems to be able to post down here.

I posted something I thought would be useful to the UE3/UDK community a few days ago. But because of this forum bug I couldn’t post it down here where all of us will see it. When you get a chance you should take a look at How to: Get object rotation in material, recolor the normal map based on rotation, for UDK world-space tiling--with correct normals even if you rotate the mesh This is something that I do for reusing big meshes at different scales to fill in my maps. And I think it’s also just an interesting look at how normal maps work and how you can manipulate them.

So should you be able to post on the old forums ? : P