PostBuildSteps for a builtin plugin in a source build


Im building unreal 4.27 from source and the DatasmithCADImporter doesn’t work as intend, since Epic cant distribute some third party libraries. After some tests, I found that simply replacing some dlls files is enough to get the same usability as from the launcher.

So, the solution that I’m trying to implement is to keep these dlls files in a folder inside the plugin directory and, after a build, to copy them into the correct folder (Binaries/Win64). In order to achieve that, I’m changin the DatasmithCADImporter.uplugin, adding the following snippet to it’s end:

	"PostBuildSteps": {
		"Win64": [
			"xcopy \"$(PluginDir)\\BinariesFromLauncher\\$(TargetPlatform)\" \"$(PluginDir)\\Binaries\\$(TargetPlatform)\" /y /s"

But I cant get it to work. Am I missing something?