Post-tick function?

We need to call a function right after all the (Actors, Components, GameMode, PlayerController) ticks are completed, or at the end of the very last one. Where could that function call be located?

(For custom networking reasons…)

I wonder if there is a way to hook into the EndFrame function?

You can order ticking by setting tick groups, i explained it here

Note this is old most, in newest UE4 you can set tick groups in blueprint too

Reading the description of TG_PostUpdateWork “any item that needs the update work to be done before being ticked”, I thought it occurred before the tick function. Although I am stepping through ticks now and it is indeed the last one.

You can pick any tick group i just pick that one as question as for latest tick, There also way to add tick decency which let you fine tune tick order even more:

But watch out as this may effect performance if you order it badly