Post something you like about Unreal 4 / Epic

I know good companies don’t always hear enough positive feedback from customers, so I just wanted to kick off a little “thank you” thread to Epic for everything they do to support their customers. It’s pretty rare to find examples of organisations that are so responsive to their customers and so actively working to help us succeed. Might be cheesy, but if you’ve got something specific that you like about Unreal 4, or Epic post it up!

Here’s mine: It’s really great how much time they spend on learning materials and content examples for the engine. Coming from trying to learn one of the other major engines, the amount of good documentation we have for UE4 is super awesome.

Couple things. Amazing, with how fast tech changes, how they have reached out to Novices and Pros, to provide basically free tools to participate in the tech wave. I mean they have devoted a big part of their man-power and woman-power to deal with us. Also, as far as learning material, yeah, it’s really gettin’ good, but also, it’s cool how many others, outside of Epic, make learning videos and docs.

Shout out to: UnrealTek: UnrealTek - YouTube
Mathew Wadstein:
Virtus Education:
To name just a few.
So I guess, I’m saying, Epic = Awesome, and Community = Awesome!

In points form
-No bs monthly subscription. Much appreciated.

  • User friendly interface, with many small but substantial features that improve efficiency & save time.
  • Good & clear (mostly) documentation & tutorial
  • Regular updates, all free! No need to buy additional plugin ins etc
  • Quality results without being in an AAA team.
  • Blue-prints are fantastic. I haven’t attempt to code a single C++ line so far.
  • Material editor is fantastic. One of the best I used.
  • Royalty fee is reasonable (UDK was a bit too much)

Not directly to Epic, but what a great community. This is one of the key reason for picking UE4.

It’s not hard to tell that Epic Games is a GOOD company, they care about more than making their millions.

What i really like about epic, is that they give us all the cool stuff for free.
But what i like most, about UE4 is when i import meshes, create a blueprint and everything goes “aaaah” and “ooooh”, sometimes it goes “huh?” and “hah?” or “wtf”, but after github and grandma google, all goes “weee” and “ooooh” and “aaaahh” again.

haha lol… I accidentally voiced out those oohs and aaahhs in my head.

tutorials, documentation, free samples and assets, friendly mods having extreme sense of patience towards noobies…

there are many many cool things about epic games!

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