Post processing - blendable arrays - not working properly in 4.11


Not sure if this has been looked into yet or not, but we make extensive use of Blendable Arrays in our game End of the Beginning… and we’ve noticed that moving from 4.10 to 4.11 Blendables are no longer functioning properly.

Normally you can fade in / out the blendable effect between 0-1 and any decimal point in between for total control over the final look ie. .15 , but in 4.11 even though it still allows you to enter a decimal in for the variable, it no longer responds correctly and is acting like an ON / OFF variable, no matter if you put .15 or .50 because it is greater than 0 the system is automatically setting it to 1 ie. FULL ON, which gives a less than desireable result when layering any of these blendable effects for post processing purposes.

Please look into this as its causing quite a bit of visual artifacts when you are unable to properly fade / blend the blendable array elements properly.

Hey Snaketakes,

Thanks for letting us know about this. It would help us out greatly if you could create a bug report on the site where we can fully track the issue and assign a technician to investigate. Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Alex,

We’ll get on that right now as I’m sure it will be addressed soon enough, just not sure how many are using Blendables to the extent we are and so may not have noticed its yet.