Post Process Volume - how to set details through blueprints?

The attached image can not be the right way to edit Post Process Volume settings. I see that in the node’s details I can hide pins, but still there are literally 200 parameters to uncheck. Couldn’t find anything on the Post Process Volume context, or even outside of it related to ambient.

PS: Alright I already miss Quest3D design of unnamed and compact sockets on nodes of low abstraction, but I have to be missing something on Epic’s vision for visual scripting.

Unfortunately, this is how we have to do it for now. The node is insane to work with, but it does the job, I just went through this same frustration in a slightly different way: Post Process Component Question - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

Thank you for the reply. So the “Make PostProcessVolumeSettings” with “Set Settings” is insane. I tried to uncheck all the pins from the make struct but it just hid them and would still set their default values aside the parameter I would like to modify.

So instead, I used the Set Members in PostProcessVolumeSettings and hid all the pins again and that worked only for the parameter I wanted. But it is still a clusmy and long process. Every click the node is rebuild.
After I’m a skilled unchecker, it takes 3 minutes and 200 clicks to get a node that sets a parameter. Better than connecting them all, but still…

You don’t have to connect them all, just connect the ones you want to have control over. For instance, I opened the node, found the pin i wanted (which i then promoted to variable) then closed the node. It’s a GIANT PAIN going through the whole list to find the pin you want, but once you have it, just promote it and NEVER OPEN IT AGAIN. Some sort of awful Pandoras Box of pain when you open it up. Worst jack-in-the-box ever. However, the system does work.

Good to know I could help answer your question mate!

Exactly! Glad you figured it out. Wasn’t sure if I was saying it just right…

I got confused then sorted it out. I’ll drop a note to anyone coming later to a similar problem.

“Make PostProcessingSettings” has the arrow on the bottom that allows me to collapse the node. But using it’s output in a “Set Settings” applies all the hidden parameters too.
“Set members in PostProcessingSettings” does not have that arrow to colapse as I understood from Damato, but instead of unchecking all the unwanted parameters on the detail list, you can right-click a parameter on the node and chose “Remove all other pins”. Then if you want a couple parameters back on, you can turn them on in the details.

Hi everyone,

This is definitely the way to do it, though these nodes are not ideal. We have a request to alter these nodes to make them much more user friendly. Unfortunately because the functionality is there this is not a very high priority right now, but do know that it is something we have on the table to be assessed!

Here is my solution after some time researching.