Post process not working on Mobile 4.25?

I’m having a problem with my Mobile game!
I have 2 post process effects in my level and in my editor, they work just fine. But when I launch the game in my smartphone they just don’t work at all.

I have a fog that was made with postprocess material and another postprocess with some Bloom. But none of them seems to be working. I have Mobile HDR enabled and Tonemapperfilme = 1.

Can you guys help me?

Do they work in UE4 in mobile preview?

  1. Post Process Materials for mobile applications can only fetch from PostProcessInput0 (Scene Color), Scene Depth, Custom Depth, and Custom Stencil with the following Blendable Locations.

^^ Example.

  1. Set Blendable Location To Before Tonemapping

  2. Enable Mobile HDR

  3. Add to the Rendering Settings section of your project’s DefaultEngine.ini file.

Hope This Will Work!!!

That worked. I’ve been struggling with that too. Until your tip on “To Before Tonemapping”. ■■■■, that saved me

how do you enable mobile hdr?