Post Process Material Array Effect Value in BP

Hi, i just cant figure out how to expose the array value for “No effect - Full effect” in the blueprint editor. (for post process materials)
I would like to hook this up to a timeline animation.

please see images for better explanation.
Thank you.

I got it working by making a new post process volume with only the material assigned to it, and im animating the blend weight.
Not sure how much more expensive performance wise that is, as opposed to just using one postP volume and animating the material effect value.

Hi, there are nodes for this that can be more convenient.
The screenshot shows the node for a PP volume, but it exists also for PP component, camera component and scene capture 2D.


I tried to do this by selecting my post process material.

But when they’re executed unreal crashes, the material itself works fine.

Do you have any ideas or is this just a new unreal bug

I crashed 12 times before i found the issue

So to Add or Update Blendable
the blendable object needs to be a dynamic material instance