Post Process "Cross Hatching" Fx

I’m creating an in-game map in my game. I’m basically going to hover the camera high above the player (and disable height-fog etc).

I’d like to use a post process fx to differentiate the map view from standard view. I was thinking of something that would appear drawn with crayons or pencil.

Does anyone know of any existing tutorials or resources for such an fx?


Edit: Something like this is what I’m after: (but in color)

I did this a while ago. I think I could improve on it a lot knowing what I know now.

This was the post process material:

This is the texture I used for the paintbrush effect. Feel free to use it yourself. Note that it is plain black with the brush strokes saved in the alpha channel.

I’m not sure which paper texture I used, but I think it wouldn’t be too hard to find something.

I’m going to see if I can improve on this…

Update. This was a fun exercise.
I multiply this at the end of the Sobel Edge example (in place of the final scene texture), with a few little tweaks (such as using a vector parameter for the line color instead of multiplying by black, and just overall reducing the black swathes across the scene), and you get the result above.

Looks great @Nathaniel3W I will have a play around. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: