Post Process Component Question

I am adding this to the BP Scripting Section because my question actually has to do with dynamically changing the settings of a PP Component at runtime via BP.

I found a “Break Post Process” node (which by the way is a complete mess as a node), and can access anything having to do with a post process there, but when I try to hook it up to my Post Process COMPONENT it will not link. It’s not compatible with a PP Component.

Since I am building an all-inclusive single blueprint to control my night/day and dynamic weather, I don’t access the level blueprint at all so I need to be able to “break” the Post Process Component that is a part of my weather blueprint. It is crucial that I find a workaround to control the settings of a PP Component instead of just adding the PP to the level and accessing it there.

Anyone have any ideas?

Drag from PP variable > Get Settings > Break PP Settings. And get Set Settings to set the changes.

Haha, it’s ok. Happens to all of us sometimes. :slight_smile:

You know… sometimes the answers are literally RIGHT in your face and you don’t even know it until someone comes along and clonks you on the head. Thanks so much Jacky for the fast response. I have been banging my head against this one for a few hours and was about to give up on my idea.

A+ for you today.