Post process and HDR problem


We develop a mobile game, but we run into some issues, wich contradict each other, so we are not able to make post process material effects for high end devices.

Problem 1: We are not able to use even very simple post process effects, that do not require high range color rendering, but require HDR inside unreal. For example, we need some color correction or vignette.

Problem 2: If we enable HDR, we get HUGE performance hit on low and mid end devices.To make it perform a little better, we need to low the resolution and the game starts to look like ■■■■ on low-end devices.

Problem 3: It is not possible to disable HDR for low devices and enable for top devices. If we set device profiles to work like this, our game just not starts.

Problem 4: If it would be possible, we still cannot set simple post process material to make some simple effect, like use custom depth to highlight characters.

Right now we have HDR disabled, wich allows our game perform well even on old devices, like Galaxy S4.

So, do you have any suggestions, how can we use post process effects for high-end devices, and make low-end devices to have stable fps? Maybe any workarounds?

The post process you need only work with hdr enabled. Yes, in low end devices you will go down with the screen resolution… Problem 3: no, are two different renders type, you will export two apks. You can upload different versions of the APK In Google play console for each devices you want to work with… I hope it’s helps.