POST IDEAS HERE - Modder slave requests

I have noticed that people are posting ideas in the “Team Up” sub forum. This irritates me due to OCD, hint why I started this thread. I am very surprised that a sub-forum or discord channel like this has not been made, as it is a usual for modding community to have this. POST YOUR IDEAS HERE and if i’m bored enough or someone else is, they may be done. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A TEAM UP FORUM, this is just to inspire and help grow the modding community further by providing people without the hardware, software, or experience; the opportunity to contribute to the community. The only requirements for this are:

  1. Make it as detailed as possible (its hard to read the mind of someone who might be behind a screen halfway across the world)
  2. DO NOT REPEAT AN IDEA (make sure to read previous ideas or search keywords ctrl+f usually works])
  3. Have patience
  4. Try to stay away from copy-written material [including but not limited to games and other mods] (just like the Monster Hunter Mod, many companies do not like their work replicated in other games)
  5. If you are to reply to a person, REMEMBER TO USE QUOTES as I expect there to eventually be several people trying to talk to different people at once
  6. **CREDIT IS GIVEN WHERE ITS DUE **We do not want people to feel like their intellectual ideas are stolen
  7. Finally, DO NOT BE TOXIC, nothing is a bad idea and thus should at least be treated with some respect (if you have a problem with it, ignore it)

Like I said earlier, I am more than willing to help out with well thought-out ideas. The more it seems impossible or unique, the more likely I will start working on it. If I do decide on taking up YOUR project (which I will as I get bored a lot), I will PM you and try to establish a communication center. After the mod is finished, I will give the person whose idea it was the source files and be on my way to another project. I do hope there will be other people like me who will help the modding community of ARK grow.

I have a few different ideas for projects that I cannot find tutorials for. Whats your discord tag?

its # you can easily find me making a fool out of myself in the community discord :smiley:

Can you repair this mod?
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The problem is when dino dies and other dinos attack the tombstone.

From author:

My idea is to set up a mod for level settings per Dinos so you can change the Min/Max wild level of any Dino you put in the .INI config. but i failed on the way to increase the wild level without the .INI file so i give up and cry a lot :smiley: