[Post Comp] Looking for Artists Unreal programmer for SciFi Fantasy Love RPG

Lover(working title) is a Third Person Shooter Sci Fi Fantasy Love story based 3d RPG game set in the future.

Story of the game takes place between two lovers separated by the evil forces of the past and the future.story is already follows the story with multiple options in the plot so that

different player experiences different story lines all leading to same point at the end.

Think of this game as a mixture of total recall(2012)(sci fi city),king kong(2005)(forest) and avatar(sci fi and forest) but the game is set in human world on earth.

We are making demo right now.we are going to start crowdfunding this year.meanwhile the development and marketing continuous. this is a post compensation project and have future jobs if funded.

The game will be developed in Unreal Engine 4.
Lead Characters:


For more concept art go to

Current Team:-

Nagarik(me) : Project Lead, Story Writer.Programmer .

Kimberlea & Stefanie : 2d Artists.

Cade : Environment Artist.

Simon : Music Composer. and few other(helpers) artists and animator.

we are looking to expand our team.We are currently looking for -
UX/UI artist.
2d Concept artists(multiple positions) -characters, hard surface, sci fi environment, weapons.
3d artists(multiple)- -characters, creatures, hard surface, sci fi environment(one scene), weapons.
Unreal AI programmer.
If you’re interested,please share your portfolio here or on discord. my id Nagarik#6385