Post bookmarking in forums

Here and there I sometimes find some interesting posts on how to solve/handle various problems that a scattered through out sometimes long threads. I feel that a bookmarking feature for posts would be very handy so that any user can bookmark any post he deems useful to have an easy way to find it later on. Right now one can use bookmarks in the browser or an external solution like Evernote, but I think that solution integrated into the forums would be easier to use. I’m not sure of there is an addon for vBulletin with this functionality, but I think it’s worth looking into.

I agree, I’ve been using my browsers bookmark but one that is built into the forum would be much easier to manage.

I’ve just been subscribing to threads I want to be able to find later, you can do so from the Thread Tools drop-down (under the thread title). Then you can access the list of all subscribed threads from the Quick Links drop-down.

You can subscribe to thread + you can create folders for different subscriptions and etc, I think it’s more than enough for bookmarking

I know about subscribing, but the problem is that sometimes what I need is 3-4 posts spread along a 100+ post thread, which means that later I have to look through the whole thread to find the posts I need. Having exact post at hand, say, in your profile saves a lot of time.