Post Begin Play event

Hello guys,

I am working on my custom save system using SaveGameToSlot() and LoadGameFromSlot(). I save name of my map and then when I load game I open this map and pass option LoadGame=SlotName, so my code can then continue and deserialize my loaded data when requested map is loaded. I am looking for some event which is called when all actors are spawned and initialized so I can safely start assigning my loaded data to these actors. Event which I am looking for should be called when all BeginPlay() events are finished.

Do you know which event will help, please ? :slight_smile:

(I do not want to use “hack” with timer :slight_smile: )

I think I figured it out. I found some functions and did test with one actor:

GameMode::StartPlay() ->>>> GameMode::StartMatch() ->>>> Actor BeginPlay() C++ ->>>> Actor Begin Play BP Event… then I can just override GameMode::StartPlay() so it will be called when everything is initialized and ready.

Let me know if you have some other suggestions.

I hope this will help someone :slight_smile:

Thank you nonder. You helped me.