Post Apocalyptic World Vol I

Create your own Post Apocalyptic World. All assets optimized for high performance. The pack comes with two ready made example scenes and one preview scene.

**Marketplace Link: **…ic-world-vol-i

Youtube Video Preview: Post Apocalyptic World Vol I - UE4 - YouTube

Artstation: ArtStation - Ertuğrul Erdoğan

Support E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

**Features: **

  • Paintable puddles and ground decals.
  • Customizable Decals(Dirt, Crack, Blood, Moss) for realistic scenes.
  • Built for modularity. Everything snaps to the grid.
  • 5 Different wall materials and can create more different color.
  • 2 Demo Maps Included (Day&Night)
  • Architecture, Props, Cars, Decals, Vegetation for a complete scene.
  • Atlas Texturing for best performance.
  • Most of the meshes have 2(or more) material options.
  • Also the pack includes leaf falling particle.

Technical Details:

  • Texture Sizes: 4096
  • Collision: Yes, auto-generated.
  • Vertex Count: Only Tree +20k, Vehicles 3k-9k
  • LODs: All objects optimized for high performance. Does not require LODs.
  • Number of Meshes: +200
  • Number of Materials and Material Instances: 5 Master 50 Material Instances
  • Number of Textures: 125
  • Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes

Here some screenshots from the pack: