Post-Apoc ARPG, Building An Initial Gameplay Demo

Hey all, deleted my other thread because my circumstances have changed somewhat. I am working with a concept artist and a programmer to start building the foundations of an ARPG that is basically a 3rd person Diablo in a futuristic setting. A spiritual successor to Hellgate: London, if you will, but without all of the issues that plagued that particular title. I have recently managed to scrounge up some limited funds, and I wish to start recruiting a few team members to build the most important assets for our initial gameplay demo. Please read everything below.

*Team members that complete their initial contracts successfully will be offered extended contracts when/if we crowd-fund the next stage of our development.
*Team members recruited for contracts will be given a **small **portion of their payment up front as a gesture of good faith.
*Recruited team members unable to complete their contracted assignments (which they will agree to ahead of time) will keep the up front payment but will not receive anything else. This includes situations where the end result’s quality doesn’t match what was promised.
*All timelines for contracted assignments are flexible. I know that I’m not the only person that needs work done. However, I will request that weekly updates/progress reports be shown to me.
*Other than feedback and minor adjustments, I promise not to change assignments. We won’t be going from a post-apocalyptic setting to a fantasy one halfway through.

The priorities right now are the initial environment, and the initial character model. If I have funds for anything beyond that, great. If not, we will be using placeholders until I gather more funds. The idea here is to build core gameplay mechanics and establish a visual style so that people can see it and say, “So that’s what they’re going for!” I am looking for the following people.

*Environment Artist/Level Designer: The environment in question will be an outdoor city environment (concept below). It will also need side alleys which will be tied to the progression of the level.
*Character Artist: We will be using the modular pawn system to create armor sets for the main character, or at the bare minimum, just the base version of the character.
*Animations (If Funds Allow): This would entail rigging up the main character and providing a simple set of animations. Idle, jog, sprint, strafe, backpedal, shoot.

We have more concepts to go along with individual assignments. Please message me for further details and with any questions you might have. Thank you all for your time.


Hey I’m relatively new to UE4, I’d like to join as a volunteer to help me learn Blueprinting. Skype me at avicohen112.

Just an update. I have found my environment artist. Now just looking for a character artists and a rigger/animator.
@phoenixGaming: We aren’t currently taking on volunteers for the purposes of training them. But thank you for the offer.

Very interesting, good luck guys!!

Been waiting for someone to pitch a Hellgate: London inspired concept, that game was fun but it did have problems for sure. For your character, are you aiming for a custom rig or just recycling the Unreal character rig and animations?

Good luck guys seems you’re on a great mission :slight_smile:

I wanted to post an update. I am currently looking for a new programmer/blueprint specialist to join the team. My current programmer is located in Venezuela and things are a bit tumultuous right now, and he will be working on moving out of the country over the next several months, leaving him little time to work on our project. The programmer would be responsible for fleshing out mechanics that we’ve already built, and adding the foundations for new mechanics, such as the skill/stat system. To give a little more detail:

*We have already implemented XP gain and leveling, Health/Mana/Stamina stats, regeneration for those stats, and a initial foundation for the random loot system, including multiple rarities and different affixes. However, we only have a weapon with which to test the system.
*I would need the programmer to add more affixes, along with their functionality if necessary (such as crit chance and crit damage), as well as build some more of the core mechanics. New mechanics would likely include the implementation of the modular pawn system (our method for swapping armor), and the core of the skill system. Other than that, it would be expansion and refinement of what is already there, along with quality of life type implementations, such as camera zoom.
*I would be on hand frequently to discuss the programming logic and implementation of these mechanics. I’m decent with logic, but I’m **** with syntax, and I’m working full time and managing the rest of the team.

This programmer position is for Royalties once we get off the ground, and I may be able to pay small sums intermittently as reassurance I’m not leaving anyone high and dry. Paying out of pocket simply isn’t a sustainable business model for me right now. The idea is to work with our limited resources until we have a gameplay demo assembled, and then to begin crowd-funding so that everyone can work more frequently on the project, for more money. But I don’t want to be one of those people that buys a bunch of pre-made assets, throws them together, and expects people to crowd-fund me.

As for the project itself, we have a level that is at about 60-65% of its base pass, and will require a couple more iterations before I’m willing to share it with the public. A placeholder character, monster, and weapon. The first iteration of the character is being worked on, along with the first armor set, as we speak. I already mentioned a great deal of the programming that has occurred. The placeholder weapon will be replaced sometime soon but is not a priority. We will replace the monster for the gameplay demo, as we want almost nothing to be pre-made. Some of it will be, or will be outright incomplete/missing, but I won’t allow this to be a game that goes to Steam Early Access with a bunch of “placeholders” that end up being in the final version.

I’m also attaching a few pics. One is a concept of the first armor set for “The Remnant,” our equivalent to the Hunter faction from Hellgate: London. Basically the leftovers of the military. Another is a concept for a potential monster type, with some variants. And the third is a concept of a Hellrift. Hellrift is the working title of the project, and is also an amalgamation of flesh and steel that brings awful monsters from another dimension into our world, outfits them with all kinds of weaponry, and spits them out to hunt down whatever is left of the human race.

The last pic is a screen of our initial test of the random loot system. The colored beams do indicate different item rarities accurately, although a few adjustments have been made since then.