Post Anim montage defaults back to idle state machine, making my animation look weird??

Hey guys,

I have a problem that Im not sure how to fix.

Basically im doing a ledge grab and have set my game up so that when I jump, I am playing an animation montage of a simple vertical jump with my arms up in the air. While this is happening I have a variable in my animation blueprint called I think Can Vertical Grab, but I prevent the transition by having another variable called State Freeze. While the animation is in progress, state freeze = true. When I hit my anim notification, it sets it to false, and thus allows my state machine to transition into the hanging vertically animation state.

Now this works, except for 1 problem.

After the animation montage ends, his hands are right up high in the air above his head, and the state machine defaults back to idle, so his arms come down instantly, only to then transition into the hanging state, where they go back up again.

Is there a way for me to avoid hitting the idle state and just go straight into my hanging state??

Thanks for any advice guys,

Kind Regards,