[Possibly PAID] Create a video output system for the game (in-game, not sequencer)

This is something I’m sure would be able to sell well on the marketplace, so I’ve listed it as royalty, but I might also be interested in paying someone to implement this if no one is interested in doing it for game royalty or marketplace sales.

Basically I’m wanting a system where regular users can capture game footage, which gets exported to a video format (avi/mp4) that can be uploaded to YouTube / Twitter etc.

If the system could automatically upload or tweet the video that’d be a huge plus, but that would be a separate task to incorporate the YouTube/Twitter APIs.

So far it seems there are only manual ways to do this, ie the player has to run something like OBS to capture the gameplay footage. It would streamline the process if there was a one-click way to save a section of gameplay (from a demo or otherwise) to a video they can share.

If anyone is interested, I’d like to hear how you would go about implementing this. One of the challenges would be to use tools that can be freely distributed in a game (ie. if it uses a screenshot->avi converter)