Possible with just blueprints?

I didn’t know how to make the title for this thread, I am currently working on a survival horror game, and I was wondering if weather with conditions to the player was possible, like for example, it randomly starts to rain, causes player to get wet, if wet too long there is a chance player can get sick, heavy fog rolls in randomly or snow player gets cold, if stays out in cold too long without fire etc player starts too freeze to death I think u get what I am trying to ask, is this possible with just blueprints?

Yes, this is just some simple usage of variables, randoms, and delays, and completely possible with just blueprints.

You could do those things in blueprint.

As all the others already mentioned, it’s possible.
e.g hunger system: ?v=QakXNYN5xlQ (you can create nearly every type of stat like it is shown in this video) :slight_smile:

Here is my tutorial for hunger AND thirst system! ?v=2h_mpHgbkcI