Possible Wishlist?

So, I love the Marketplace right now but I really wish there was a sort of “wishlist” type feature so I could add assets to for future purchases. As it is now, when I am not about to buy something I just hope I don’t forget about it. I could add them to a bookmark, but honestly, I never remember to check it. Just the request of a wannabe dev <3

This is a commonly requested feature, and has been acknowledged by the staff. =)

As SE_JonF said, this is one of the most requested features. I think pretty much everyone wants it haha.

So… maybe one day this will happen then. :smiley: Well UE4 staff, snaps finger chop chop! haha

Another +1 from me for a Wishlist / Watchlist of some kind. Hope this happens.

We hear you loud and clear. :slight_smile: This one is definitely on our list of requested features.

So what you are saying is that the Wishlist feature is on the… wishlist? Badumtish!