Possible to use UMG slider to move camera back and forth?

Hey, as the title says I’m just wondering weather its possible to use a slider in UMG to make a camera move back and forth. The camera i want to use is in the scene and not in the character BP. Would this be possible to do from a widget blueprint? I’m having a little trouble implementing it.


Yes. The event that fires from your slider mudt cast to the other blueprint. Get the springarm component. Set target arm
Lenght based on your slider values

Hi, thanks for the response. I thought it would be something like that. This is what I’ve done so far from what you’ve told me but the slider doesn’t seam to change the length of the camera boom.

I’ve replaced the camera boom with the spring arm but still its not working. ill keep playing and see what I can do but please if anyone knows what i need to do then get at me! :stuck_out_tongue:


In event tick for blueprint that has camera:
From slider in widget read its value as “desired camera location”.
Read relative camera location, interpto it fro current location to “desired Camera location”
Set relative camera location

You can do this for fov, rotation and location.

Interpto is superior in this case because its FPS independent. With raw feed of values things go nasty when fps is very high or low.
So always use interpto when you want stable and smooth transition. It also negates need of calculating “which way value should change”

wow you just blew my mind! would you be able to give an example? like what goes in what blueprint? im really having trouble with this!