Possible to unlock the FOV in Bioshock Infinite for Oculus Dk2?

I am a developer using the Oculus Dk2 and found Alien isolation even after 4 hours did not make me motionsick, this is the first game out of all the vorpx compatible games i have tried which had a formula so good it did not make me sick

and i noticed the reason i think is because the FOV is so high, positional tracking is also central but its not as important.

The bioshock infinite xgame.ini file does not allow a higher fov then 120, any higher value will be reset to 120 in-game, but in unreal tournament 2004 i can set the fov as high as i like, even to absurd values such as 300+

so basically there is a limitation i need to unlock shared by all console port games that run unreal engine

if anyone can point me to someone who knows, or to the right angle of approach it would be highly appreciated, this would be very useful both for people suffering from nausea and to future VR developers within the unreal engine as they can prevent nausea…

bioshock infinite uses unreal engine 3, this forum is for unreal engine 4 so you would be better off asking on the UDK forum