Possible To Setup Network With Blueprints?

I want to setup a network for my first person game. I want players to be able to find games and host games. How hard is it to do this? Also can it be done with blueprints? I have no C++ coding skills what so ever. I am a front end web developer so the only code I’ve ever used is CSS and Java I doubt that will help haha as I wasn’t great with Java and it would help so much if it was possible with Blueprints.


It is indeed possible to do in Blueprint, and it is also not that hard.

Check out this series of tutorials and you’re set.

I have watched the tutorials however they do not demonstrate how you can create an interface were players can find and join games for example if they press join game it put’s them straight into a game.

Sorry, I didn’t understand your question the first time.

As I understand, it is not possible in Blueprint.(maybe it will come?)

The shooter example from the marketplace has this functionality, it is however made with C++.

It is very possible to use blueprints for a networked game, but it’s not a small task at all, and from the follow up of wanting an interface and a lobby map, this is asking for a lot.

  1. You must create a custom actor blueprint or HUD blueprint to handle the input from the player for the interface.
  2. A server lobby will be needed that players can join. (You can use the example map ie, open Example_Map?listen)
  3. After the players join said “lobby”, you will need to have the host use “servertravel mapname”

All that being said, networking and replication is a monster that will take a lot of time to fully understand, as will setting up the HUD. Remember, everything that needs to be done, you have to tell the engine to handle it, and how to handle it.

Good luck in your trials!