Possible to set max draw distance for point light?

I’d like to disable lights that are x distance away from the player. I don’t see any properties for this in the PointLight class.

Is this possible, or do i need to extend the class and add my own logic to handle this?

I made it by adding my own class. I don’t think this behavior is built in

Out of curiosity, why do you want to disable a point light? Is it a dynamic light?

@Nathaniel3W Just because my map is huge, and i don’t want to render the light sources in my underground caves system when the player is above ground.

I did an dynamic actor with a point light component, for the torches. There are a “lod” based on distance, first the shadow maps resolution are affected, the next level is to disable shadows, the next is disable light and change the torch mesh by another bigger and with a self illuminated material (to see in the distance), next is remove the particle… all controlled in the actor state depending of the distance. Also can turning them off in the daytime.

I have a lot in the map and don’t seems that the dynamic actor affects too much to the performance. And, anyway, some function with a timer can be used to run a settickisdisabled for the far ones.