Possible to set Actor param during Spawn that would be available during PostBeginPlay()?

I know I can set SpawnTag:

native noexport final function coerce actor Spawn
class<actor> SpawnClass,
optional actor SpawnOwner,
optional name SpawnTag,
optional vector SpawnLocation,
optional rotator SpawnRotation,
optional Actor ActorTemplate,
optional bool bNoCollisionFail

But that is not available until after PostBeginPlay().

Any ideas?

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do. You have an actor, and during its PostBeginPlay, you want it to spawn another actor? Or during its PostBeginPlay, you want to have access to SpawnTag? What does SpawnTag do, anyway?

I essentially want to identify certain actors such that they can do certain things to initialize themselves in their PostBeginPlay. Without having to call an Initialize() function on them after they spawn. We can already set their location and rotation during spawn, which we can then use in their PostBeginPlay.

SpawnTag is just a name value which you can set on actors to identify them. It just seems that it’s not actually usable until after PostBeginPlay.