Possible to see unused variables without deleting them?

I know I can go to Edit>Delete Unused Variables to get rid of anything that’s not being referenced in a BP, but is there a way to see a list of those before they get dumped? Sometimes I keep variables around that I don’t need at the moment, but will get plugged back in later and don’t want to delete them. Possible to see this with Blutilities maybe?

Not sure about Blutilities, but you could try just putting the variables you want to keep in a specific folder and then dropping a reference to them in a storage area in your event graph until you determine their fate. I sometimes keep large pieces of logic hanging out in my event graph until I am sure their replacement is what I need.

That’s a good workaround for now. Thanks for the reply, Zeustiak.

Well, you can use the search function to see if it’s referenced anywhere in your graph.

Also you can see if the variable is currently used by looking at the “Variable Type” property in the details panel. It it’s grey (meaning you can’t change it) it means the variable is in use somewhere.